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So far today, I've had two people tell me they had a dream I was in.
One of them has never even seen me!!  (He was going through a sprocket
drive-thru, apparently.  Said he might want to cut back on the drinking,

Had fun last night, went to Wumpskate, lol, it was great!  No Doomie, so
no Doomie tacos, which was really sad.  It prompted an impromptu photo
shoot, everyone holding signs, but a number of people went home hungry.
I'll have to hunt down the pics, see if I can upload them here.

Weekend was good, no one died in game, we've come close though, lol!
Last weekend went well also, didn't make it to shinai this last Friday
though, me and Eman were too tired.  EE has a bit of a sniffle, and is
congested, I'm hoping it clears up soon.  I'm still working on my skirt,
having to hand stitch the top, and I'm forgetting to bring the thread
with me to work!  I'm hoping to have everything ready for this weekend,
right now I'm running behind though.  Oh well.

I think I may be coming down with another head cold.


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bored bored
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I sit here, later than I should, typing away on a system I should have shut down some time ago so I could join my son in sleep.

I have a shortage of books to read, so I turn to the ones online.  Most aren't very good, the writing needs serious help, and the plot, ugh!  But every once in a while, you run across one you just can't turn off, late though it be.

I'm thinking of joining PWP, (Parents Without Partners, for those who know the other use of PWP,) but I'm not sure yet.  I'm also worried slightly about WIC, since I've gone strictly bottle feeding, they may not provide forumla anymore.  Now, since he eats most everything already, I'm not too worried, but still, that stuff costs so much, and it's not like I have that much to spare.  Oh well, I know God will be there, so I know it'll be ok.  I just wish I knew how.  lol, of course, I always wished that, but so far, all is good, I know I can trust Him.

Work is blah, I need to find things to do so I can look busy, too bad reading is out, I have no internet, and no e-mails.  Text messeges on my phone, but those add up fast.  Plus, I can't always do them either.

I'm trying to pull myself together, but I lost my boot straps, and after over a year not bothering to look for them, it makes it very hard to pull oneself up by them, you know?  I have to believe I can though, otherwise, I'm lost forever.  And I refuse to be that.  So what I ran across a few bad apples, there are more out there, I just have to find them.  As someone used to say, big bfd.  (Redundent, I know.  But, whatever.)  My only problem?


I think I should be asleep now.

Good night.

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An interesting if pointless fact:  Items of food that are blue will suppress the appetite.

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You know, the one with the blue on the bottle?

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Why is Livejournal done up in a Pirates theme????
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Mythbusters is trying to find if you can in fact chop a sword in half using another sword.


It's driving me crazy!!  It's doing the same for Specter!!

You should have seen the Sword Master's face when they touched one of his antique Katana's from the 1300's.

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Why don't you do right?

A short song-fic.

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My mom is throwing me a baby shower, on the 15th at noon!!!!

*jumps around*

We've heard back from a few people, some are coming some are not.  Some have not responded yet, we're hoping they do soon though.

I know it's just a shower, but to me, this is big stuff.  First kid, first shower, first lots of things.

At least I'm not worried sick anymore, throwing up or having fits of nerves, and the mood swings have settled to some extent.

Ow.  The baby just shifted sides.  I guess some things haven't settled...

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*phone rings*

me - "Good afternoon, Martin Sprocket and Gear."

guy on phone - "Hi, are you taking any janitorial bids?"

me - "Not to my knowledge."

g.o.p. - "What?"

me - "Not to my knowledge."

g.o.p. - "Not to your what?"

me - "Not. To. My. Knowledge."

g.o.p. - "Geez, learn some English can't you? You need knowledge."

*guy hangs up phone*

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